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SUNSET by Jessica Millsaps ______ Every night  The horizon lights up  Swirls of pink and orange  Fading to blue and purple Few bother to look anymore  At a blessing  That only comes once a day Each sunset is different  No two exactly alike  Difference flows throughout  While it is the only similarity Over the ocean  Or through the sky scrapers  Out on the prairie  Or in an apartment You can still see a piece  A piece of something  Something never to return  A sunset For the colors are shimmering  For a moment they stay  Only to disappear into change  Change just as beautiful as the last This is why  No matter where you go  One thing remains the same,  A difference in sunsets In your very own sunset ______ #visitoslo #oslobilder #fantastic_earth #earthpix #norway2day #world_bestangels #naturelove_world #world_bestnature #world_bestsky #igrefined #igmw_alltags #norgesfotografer #Loves_United_Norway #norway2day #bd_pro #sunrise_sunset_photogroup #sunrise_and_sunsets #ig_eternity #exeptional_pictures #got__greatshots #world_shots #ExquisiteEarth #norway_photolovers #we_heart_oslo #dreamchasernorway

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God natt fra Kvitsøy.

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Solen viste seg i ti minutter i kveld🌞 lucky me😊 #sunset #bjørnefjorden #norway_photolovers #norway2day #westnorway2day #midsummer #midtsommer #ig_worldwide

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. I have always loved it here. I will go home to New York City in a week but a piece of me will just stay here, waiting for the rest of me to return.

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Offersteinen på Nesset. Denne steinen er fra slutten av stein- og begynnelsen av bronsealderen. For 4000år siden lå dette området her helt nede ved vannkanten. Idag er det ca. 55 m.o.h. Steinen har skålgroper. Noen er dype, gjort med steinredskaper, og andre grunnere laget med metall. Her ble det ofret til gudene, gjerne med smør og andre matvarer. For mere info, gå deg en tur på Nesset😊 Mange fine stier og mye historikk på en så fin liten plass💚

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. A little red house in a great green earth.

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Solnedgang over #asmaløy #sankthanshimmel #sundowm #midsummersnight

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Evening 🌞

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. If you rent a room in this lighthouse you’ll have a little island, the sea and the sky, all to yourself. A desperately needed respite from the constant bombardment of stimulus in modern life. Or, you could lose your mind. 😇, or 🤪.

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Fin Sankthanskveld💙

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Stange vestbygd (Hedmark). Norway.

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. For 30 years, I’ve been coming to my family’s hytte (cabin) in Hvaler, about 1-1/2 hours south of Oslo. I’m sitting in the living room watching the sky show; the moon is rising. This is a place where we take a boat to go grocery shopping; where it’s a 20 minute hike to the car; where if you look hard enough, you might see little trolls in the woods. . .

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Summer ❤

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