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no doubt i will be stocking my fridge with this for any caffeine emergencies

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Some memories from the past few months. 😌 We’re already halfway through the year... can you believe it? // Take 15% off @danielwellington using ’MADDIETSANG’. #DanielWellington #DWNewClassics

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Instagram means I get to play all the time. I get to play with my phone, with flowers and with my food. 😆 it’s a pretty cool hobby because I keep it in my pocket and I can play anytime I like. But sometimes I reach a point where I have to go to the next level and that can be really hard. So here’s to playing a bit more. And here’s to taking it to the next level #whpplay

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“...we would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.” Ernest Hemingway {A Moveable Feast} • Hi Everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. Earlier this week, my bookclub selected this as our next read. I couldn’t have been happier, because this is hands-down one of my favorite memoirs in the history of ever. I know that Hemingway is controversial. I know that he had some sad personal issues (but let’s be honest - many, many authors have lived and still live problematic lifestyles). And I know that his writing style is not always loved. But if you can put all of those things aside and try Hemingway, you may find that his succinct style is actually extremely hard to imitate, and his prose, once pried from his controversial stories, is really beautiful. • p.s. If you saw my stories from yesterday then you saw that I was browning butter for cookies. Here are the cookies and let me tell ya, browned butter makes the MOST incredible cookie dough. I can’t decide if I like eating the dough or the finished cookie best. 😂 • p.p.s. I am really loving my personalized necklace from @soufeeljewelry and am so happy that they’ve offered a discount to you all! You can find the code for 15% off and a direct link in my profile. Happy shopping!

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Today's #junebookishgirls is #coverbuy. What's been your latest cover buy? 📚 📚 Mine was actually the UK version of Circe, but I haven't taken photos of it yet! Soon. In this photo, I bought Walk on Earth a Stranger because of the gorgeous cover, but I haven't read it yet. Mostly, I buy books for the color beneath the hardcover! I love finding interesting embossing or different color hardbacks. 📚 📚 Today is the perfect Colorado day! It finally rained yesterday, closing the fireban and putting out some of the wildfires around us, and it's cool and clear and about 70 degrees F. I'm hoping to get in a little time outside. 📚 📚 Other Challenges: #bookqueensjune18- Book that stressed you out. Tags: I was tagged by@madmenandminstrels in the #flowerythingsandbooks tag! (thanks, love!) I did alter it a bit to make it more interesting. 🔎 -First fandom: Nancy Drew 🔎 -Favorite book in that fandom: The Sign of the Twisted Candles 🔎 -Favorite female character: Nancy, of course! 🔎 -Favorite male character: Mr. Drew 🔎 -Paperback or hardback: Hardback! 🔎 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bookstagram #Bookstagrammer #bookish #amandathebookish #bookflatlay #fromabove #scenefromtheceiling #flatlayforever #flatlaystyle #rainbowbooks #bookcircle #justread #ireadya #ireadfantasy #ilovereading #bookphoto #bookpic #ishipit #mybookfeatures #kimmersbooks #creativityfound

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I know I’ve been promising it for a while, but I’ve written up my first life-changing reflections on mine and @jessicarosewilliams business getaway at @wild_meadow a few weeks ago. Except, it wasn’t really a business getaway; we renamed it the ‘Follow Your Curiosity Weekend’ as that was what we ended up doing. • This post is the most open, raw and personal thing I’ve ever written. There are things in here I’ve only really just admitted to myself, and that I’ve never talked about in a format that won’t expire after 24 hours 😉. But my hope is that it will inspire, help, speak to you in some way. That in my story you’ll be able to find hope and conviction in your own. • So, with a little trepidation, but also unexpected excitement, the link’s in my bio. I’m feeling a little giddy to be sharing this with you; it is very freeing and I feel full of trust. I hope in this post you find the excuse you need for time and space, and to follow your curiosity ❤️

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🚁 Photo by @karl_shakur . Selected by @itchban Team: @itchban, @cenchino, @safromabove. . Tag #skysupply and @skysupply to submit your photo for a chance to be featured. Please include location of photo. Good luck.

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on silk & shoulder freckles 💬

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I was happy to find items in my #targetbeautybox that I could pack for my upcoming trip! See my review of the latest box @hellosubscription (link in bio). Did you grab one?

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Bacon wrapped and goat cheese stuffed..... that’s how we like our dates.

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Paleo Poke Bowl w/ Cauliflower Rice 🍚🍣 ➕1 ahi steak, diced ➕1 avocado, diced ➕1 mango, diced ➕1/2 cucumber, diced ➕1/2 C shredded carrot ➕2 Tbsp chopped green onion ➕1 Tbsp chopped cilantro ➕Sesame seeds (for garnish) Cauliflower Rice- ➕3 C cauliflower rice ➕1 Tbsp sesame oil Sauce- ➕1/3 C coco aminos ➕Juice from 1 large like ➕Dash of cayenne ➕Sprinkle of red pepper flakes Directions: 1. In a medium pan heat the sunflower oil over medium heat. Add cauliflower rice and cook until all the water and oil has been absorbed. 2. Meanwhile whisk together the sauce ingredients. 3. Build your bowls - divide cauliflower rice into two bowls and top each with ahi + mango + avocado + cucumber + carrot. Then garnish each with green onion + cilantro + sesame seeds. 4. Serve. Top with the sauce and enjoy! ❤️😋 #LaPesisKitchen #PaleoPokeBowl #PaleoRecipes #PaleoFood #PaleoEats #Paleo

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When winter days call for warmer lighting and stronger coffee 🙌🏻 Wishing I was sitting quietly having a coffee at my fav place....instead of the morning bus run in the rain ☔️ Happy Tuesday

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Had breakfast at a stunning location this morning, quick dip then playing around with the drone - - - #cascatadopincho #waterfall #portugal #nature #mountains #clearwaters #drone #fromabove #dronephotography #dronestagram #vivodecampo

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blue. ✈☁️

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Happy Monday! Let’s jump right in and talk about how to approach your social media goals for the week. Don’t think about the number of followers you want to gain. Think about building strong, long-lasting relationships with your audience. Focus on the followers you do have, and share with them the type of content and expertise that will improve their lives and inspire them to want to share with their friends, family, and following.

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Accidentally forgot to pack my drone for Hawaii, so ramped it up a notch. . . . . #hawaii #kauai #napalicoast #hanaleibay #helicopter #dronestagram #travelgram #fromabove @bluehawaiianhelicopters

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#TIP Always Read in Style! •Collaborative Team• @aglamouraffair @nishalagana Photography by @parismtphoto Image on @StyleVerified Magazine. Link in bio. Full deets on Mag.• • http://www.TheGirlLoop.com @TheGirlLoop http://www.StyleVerified.com @StyleVerified Magazine. • #🎀 #👸 #🤗 #😍 #♥️ #girly #lilmama #bute #cutie #cutekidmodels #girlsjustwannahavefun #shopping #like4likes #babe #videography #photooftheday #photolove #photomodel #photogenic #photographylovers #adorable

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O kadar da önemli değildir bırakıp gitmeler, arkalarında doldurulması mümkün olmayan boşluklar bırakılmasaydı eğer. Dayanılması o kadar da zor değildir, büyük ayrılıklar bile, en güzel yerde başlatılsaydı eğer. Utanılacak bir şey değildir ağlamak, yürekten süzülüp geliyorsa gözyaşı eğer Yüz kızartıcı bir suç değildir hırsızlık, çalınan birinin kalbiyse eğer. Korkulacak bir yanı yoktur aşkların, insan bütün derilerden soyunabilseydi eğer. O kadar da yürek burkmazdı alışılmış bir ses, hiçbir zaman duyulmasaydı eğer. Daha çabuk unuturdu belki su sızdırmayan sarılmalar, kara sevdayla sarıp sarmalanmasalardı eğer. Belirsizliğe yelken açardı iri ela gözler zamanla, öylesine delice bakmasalardı eğer. Çabuk unutulurdu ıslak bir öpücüğün yakıcı tadı belki de kalp, göğüs kafesine o kadar yüklenmeseydi eğer. Yerini başka şeyler alabilirdi uzun gece sohbetlerinin, son sigara yudum yudum paylaşılmasaydı eğer. Düşlere bile kar yağmazdı hiçbir zaman, meydan savaşlarında korkular, aşkı ağır yaralamasaydı eğer. Su gibi akıp geçerdi hiç geçmeyecekmiş gibi duran zaman, beklemeye değecek olan gelecekse sonunda eğer. Rengi bile solardı düşlerdeki saçların zamanla, tanımsız kokuları yastıklara yapışıp kalmasaydı eğer. O büyük, o görkemli son, ölüm bile anlamını yitirirdi, yaşanılası her şey yaşanmış olsaydı eğer. O kadar da çekilmez olmazdı yalnızlıklar, son umut ışığı da sönmemiş olsaydı eğer. Bu kadar da ısıtmazdı belki de bahar güneşleri, her kaybedişin ardından hayat yeniden başlamasaydı eğer. Kahvaltıdan da önce sigaraya sarılmak şart olmazdı belki de, dev bir özlem dalgası meydan okumasaydı eğer. Anılarda kalırdı belki de zamanla ince bel, namussuz çay bile ince belli bardaktan verilmeseydi eğer. Uykusuzluklar yıkıp geçmezdi, kısacık kestirmelerin ardından, dokunulası ipek ten bir o kadar uzakta olmasaydı eğer. Issız bir yuva bile cennete dönüşebilirdi belki de, sıcak bir gülüşle ısıtılsaydı eğer. Yoksul düşmezdi yıllanmış şarap tadındaki şiirler böylesine, kulağına okunacak biri olsaydı eğer. İnanmak mümkün olmazdı her aşkın bağrında bir ayrılık gizlendiğine belki de, kartvizitinde 'onca ayrılığın birinci dereceden failidir' denmeseydi eğer. .....

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My husband told me to wear the black dress but as anyone who works weddings knows... it's always fun to wear a bit of color when you get the chance. 😂 Weddings are such a fun celebration and I always feel extra appreciation for all of the work vendors put in to a special day when I have the chance to be a guest. Also, if you haven't had a chance to meet the fella to my right you are missing out. He's the push that gets me out of bed in the morning, the mid day check in text to remind me how many hours are left until we are reunited, and the guy who tells me that it's okay to take an editing break every now and then to cuddle up on the couch and watch a new series with him. (Anyone else totally binging through The staircase on #netflix or are we the only nerds? 🤓) All this to say, I love weddings, marriage will always be my best "Yes", and without this cutie WGP wouldn't have its biggest cheerleader. ❤️)

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Easy breezy frayed top 💙 [$59]

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Posted a lil something on my blog, check it out! 😚 Where do you get your #styleinspo from? #newpost

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A R M Y ⚔️

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Today was a very productive day!! I’ve done ironing in the morning, cleaned the ground floor of the house, cut the front and back garden’s grass, cooked and photographed my entry for tomorrow’s Kimberly @thelittleplantation challenge and, just now, I’ve had a very relaxing time and shared this delicious #meatless @dianahenryfood #howtoeatapeach Cheddar, Onion and Spinach Tart with friends! I’m tired but grateful and feeling blessed, as I’ve got to do all of that in one single day!! This is another of my entries for Deborah @rainydaybites and this month’s #rainydaybitescookbookclub . Hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday. . . . . . . #scrumptiouskitchen #momentsofmine #littlestoriesofmylife #foodstagram #foodstyling #heresmyfood #food4thought #tv_stilllife #tv_foodlovers #still_life_gallery #foodstyling @thefeedfeed #tv_living #tart #photoforinspiration #liveauthentic #foodiegram #foodforfoodies #hocsupperclub #seekthesimplicity #beautifulcuisines #hautecuisines #savoury #vegetarian #fromabove #vegetarianrecipes #vegetariana1xsemana #dianahenry #meatfreemonday

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While I’m scrolling through my pics I realize how many great things I did and I saw in the last month. 😱😍 And I feel so grateful to be able to travel as much as I do. What are you grateful for? #thinkaboutit As much as I love fashion and all this stuff I would always choose a flight ticket over anything else ✈️💕#ihavethisthingwithfloors #tiles #ornaments #travellove #passportpassion #lifestyleblogger_de #travelersnotebook #fromwhereistand #marrakech #travelmorocco #morroco #detaillife #deets #kölnbloggt #followmeto #medina #germanblogger #qualitytime #fromabove #mondaymood

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Built in 1877, Stepping Stones Light is a Victorian-style lighthouse in Long Island Sound, in Nassau County, New York. The lighthouse is square-shaped and made of red brick, standing one-and-a-half stories high. The light is in current use, under the management of the United States Coast Guard. It is not open to the public (unless you have a drone).

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Happy Monday!

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Such an amazing night 🍸🌹 🙃 #mycity #fromabove #theview #restaurant #sofia #viewbar #martinitime

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Working on the blog and YouTube channel this week! What do you guys want to see on the channel and blog! I’m totally open, so let your girl know!

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Der er gået karry i den, men det ser heldigvis ikke ud til at genere mindste manden 🌻 Godnat fra den lille makrel og hans forældre!

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Can’t wait to see you twirling in this darling Prima Pleats Dress 😍

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Essentials all day, every day 💖💖 #flatlay #flatlaystyle #fromabove #flatlaytoday #preview

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Short video from windy Tenerife

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The view is still great from up here 🙃 #mycity #fromabove #theview #restaurant #sofia #viewbar

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Life’s filled with beautiful places and things 🌹 take the time to explore and fall in love. (P.S check my stories for behind the scenes of getting this shot - I have the scars to prove it) 😂 #roses #rosegarden #flowers #summer

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Ice cream in hand, rosettes on my feet. This is how I beat the heat 🕶☀️ #10ways10days Day 8 #ssekodesigns

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Heute vor dem Fussball noch schnell die Etappe 6 des Neanderlandsteigs gemacht. Und auch wenn die Etappe nicht überragend ist bietet sie doch viel Abwechslung. Und wie @hiking_gil zuletzt anmerkte hat das Ende in Kettwig nach dieser Aussicht auf die Ruhr es ganz schön in sich. DIe komplette Fotostrecke der Etappe mit einigen wirklich gelungenen Schnappschüssen findet ihr auch unter https://www.zonerama.com/DusseldorfWanderer/Album/4403796 #neanderlandsteig #neanderland #düsseldorfwanderer #wanderlust #hike #hiking #trekking #treking #essen #naturephotography #nature #trail #landscape #landschaft #wald #waldfotografie #intheunknown #wanderweg #grünerhorizont #nofilter #woods #woodphoto #ruhr #river #fromabove #rausundmachen

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Clear Waters and White Sand 🌴🌊

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