• 2018-05-24
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    I already knew some things about crystals through past reading, and by 2017 was tinkering with the idea of owning one or a few. I wanted to understand them because I was intrigued by their many properties and benefits. It was that same year that my yoga studio had a Christmas bazaar and thankfully there would be someone selling crystals. I thought “ah ha! Here’s my chance”, but as luck would have it, I got there in time to see her packed up and was already leaving. Fortunately she gave me her contact and I left still hopeful. Eventually, my “9 to 5” work got the best of me and soon precious gems were a distant desire. The contact card I was given was also soon misplaced, and eventually it was business as usual. Later the following January I got together with a few friends, one of whom had a beautifully wrapped stone which again sparked the urge for my own. A week later the desire would not rest, so I called her up to ask her for directions to her supplier, and I just showed up. I left with 3 very beautiful and impactful pieces that day, and a deep desire to also share in this journey. I just didn’t know how…yet. Later that evening, in trying to rearrange a few of the wires which I thought at the time “didn’t allow the beauty of the stone to flourish”, it did. It was like they chose me, and this is exactly how I approach every piece of wrapped gem, custom or otherwise. Every stone is examined, and carefully chosen for you or by you. . . . #HandmadeJewellery #copperjeweller #crystals #preciousstones #jewels #gemstones #gems #gemstonejewellery

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